September 17, 2013

My fiance has more of an eye for photography than he thinks. :)

September 11, 2013
MyMindRunsAstray Art

Hey guys! I haven’t been posting any serious artwork lately. Sorry about that. Still working through some issues. In the meantime I’ve set up another blog, because it seems to be proving impossible to set up this one with its own email (and therefore making it impossible to connect it to certain apps like instagram). 

At this other blog I post some quick snapshots and instagram pictures. It’s updated a lot, so it can provide for some nice filler content until I get back up and at a routine to update this blog. 

August 15, 2013

Black Swan.

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August 12, 2013

I love sloths. This little guy woke up from his nap very briefly to change positions. His mother is sleeping just behind him.

August 6, 2013

Celestial Space

My very first fold book. I first marbled one side of the sheet, and then drew on the other side. My goal was to portray the way I sort of see the universe-as a powerful entity, beautiful and omnipotent, and distorted and twisted in ways that we can’t understand (hence the broken up and folded bust of the illustration). There are other things, too, but I’d rather not explain them. 

The paper folds up entirely into a little rectangle that fits into the sleeve with the title “Celestial Space” printed on it (first image is the front and back view of this sleeve). 

August 2, 2013


July 31, 2013

Lo! Death has reared himself a throne

In a strange city lying alone
Far down within the dim West,
Where the good and the bad and the worst and the best
Have gone to their eternal rest.
There shrines and palaces and towers
(Time-eaten towers that tremble not!)
Resemble nothing that is ours.
Around, by lifting winds forgot,
Resignedly beneath the sky
The melancholy waters lie.

This piece was inspired by the poem ‘The City in the Sea’ by Edgar Allan Poe. 

July 28, 2013

July 28, 2013

July 27, 2013